Welcome to Kenzai

At Kenzai, we use real people every step of the way. Your trainer, your nutritionist, and the support team in the background work with you individually to meet your fitness goals.

This is why more than 90% of our clients finish their program with fantastic results. You won’t find any fine print on our website because at Kenzai, results are typical.

After you finish your program, our goal is that you fire us. We want to empower you to take care of yourself and be the last fitness program you ever need.

We help people reach their fitness goals

We know a picture is worth a thousand words when evaluating the effectiveness of a fitness program.

At Kenzai, we do things differently. Our before-and-after photos are user-submitted, photoshop-free and the result of hard work, mindful eating and daily workouts for 90 days. 

  • I feel more positive and confident. I'm calmer. Body-wise, I feel stronger. I look fitter. I have abs (who knew?). I've lost 8kgs. Mentally, Kenzai has helped me adjust to new challenges. I didn't have a job. I decided Kenzai was a better than wallowing in self pity. And it worked. Kenzai helped start a new adventure with a clean slate. And I got a job!

  • I am very proud of the accomplishment and transformation from the last 90 days…I know deep down inside that this is the beginning of a new me.

  • What an incredible experience, what an amazing journey and what a privilege! The whole experience has reminded me that in life it is important to keep learning, to challenge yourself and that setting goals and working hard to achieve them is very rewarding.

    RICH C.
  • My approach towards wellness was always “all or nothing” and I never noticed it until Kenzai.This resulted in a massive yo-yo for years. I have learnt that no matter how busy life leads you to believe it is, there is always time to exercise and prep food - it just takes a bit of planning and intent!

  • I came into this program to get into my best (or close to it) shape at 40, which is how I old I will be in November this year. The KB program has confirmed to me that with some skill and lots of discipline, amazing things are possible! If I can achieve what I have in 3 months, then the sky is the limit for what I could do by the end of the year or next year or the one after that...

  • What a journey - it has changed my life. I feel great, I feel confident and have more energy than ever.

    PAUL H.
  • This program works like no other before it!

    KATHY K.
  • As well as a remarkable transformation from homely woodsman to Wolverine, I have seen other things happening as a wife with the jump rope, my youngest with the bands, my eldest with a 5k and we will be doing a marine commando obstacle course, and we are all eating more healthy food. And we like it!

    ALEX C.
  • Thank you Tara my beautiful wife for not wanting a middle aged lazy unfit chubby husband anymore and giving me the gift of Kenzai for my 42 birthday. I have loved every minute of it and feel amazing. Like everything in life, it has been tough but the results have been fantastic- I've never felt so good .

    PAUL S.
  • Wow! 90 days ended! It's hard to believe we are done. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I also am so proud of myself. I learned that I can do it if I commit to it!

  • The benefits have been huge, my back ache has all but gone, I have more energy. Friends have been impressed by how much trimmer I am; I was in much better shape for my recent medical; Finally I was able to keep up with everyone else on the rugby pitch- no small achievement.

    JON H.
  • I don't even know where to start… I've loved Kenzai. Not only has my body changed, but my mind has too - I feel happy all the time. I can run for miles and I love it. I can skip for 20 minutes and feel great. It’s really satisfying!

    TAM S.
  • This has been a great experience!

    I know we shouldn't talk about weight but i have lost 8kgs. I also have the best muscle tone i have had for a long time so on that basis i have lost 8kgs ++ of fat... i didn't even know i was carrying that much excess!

    ADAM S.
  • I’ve experienced great change in the last 3 months.I've lost about 13 kilos. My back is hugely improved. I had trouble getting out of bed with chronic pain and rarely a week went by without popping pain killer to get by. Now, I rarely have any trouble. I can actually run to catch a bus about to take off.

    ADAM St.
  • Kenzai, why did you work when everything else I had tried had failed? I never gave up on you, because you never gave up on me. Like all good coaches, you pushed me further than I thought I could go. Amazing support from the trainers and team. I am the happiest I have ever been and the healthiest too!

    AMY O.
  • This was such a great journey and so much more than a weight loss plan. I gained a great deal from this experience, body and mind. I went into this feeling that I knew how to be healthy, but I gained real understanding and better perspective. This has been a journey to my healthiest self and a learning experience!

  • I am in better shape than I have been for more than a decade, and I am fitter and stronger than I can ever recall being. And it only took three months… amazing really. The changes feel sustainable and I have the knowledge to keep on track.

  • The physical changes have been amazing! I’ve dropped 8.5kg and most importantly I love the way my body looks and the way I feel! Mentally I have a much healthier attitude to food. My understanding of how to be healthy is so much clearer. The daily lessons, the progressive diet and the fitness program have taught me so much.

    EMILY N.
  • I got exactly what I needed. The most pleasing thing is that I can play; dance and tussle around with my 2yr old daughter. I am more flexible.

    JASON H.
  • For me this is a milestone and is just the start of the journey that I now feel very well equipped to continue- I know what works and what doesn't. Numbers don't count but for the record I have lost a very solid 19kg which is just about a holiday suitcase.

  • Wow what an amazing journey!… My body has changed dramatically, i am very fit and i am happy to say that i have dropped almost 23kg in weight…I remember my first attempt at skipping, how hilarious! I was puffing after 20 skips… True to the magic of kenzai 90 days later i now skip 3500...

  • I’m sure I've lost weight but more importantly, I lost mass and gained the knowledge and desire to eat healthy. I've gained the ability to make conscious decisions about what goes into my body. I've gained the appreciation of what my physical and mental self can do when I decide I can.

    MARIE E.
  • The tools and lessons I have been given are robust. I managed to do exercise every day because skipping didn't destroy me. I travelled out of HKG for 34 days of the 90 but the plan worked because my gym was portable and I had been taught to prioritise my time. The diets were flexible enough to enable me to stick with it.

    MARK C.
  • The entire KB experience has been completely rewarding. Not only getting into great shape and the weight loss (final weigh in was 158.6 lbs. - down 23 lbs. from Jan 15) but the quality time spent taking this journey with my wife.

    MARK C.
  • I am overall very pleased with the result and think it is ( aside from daily egg whites) very sustainable. I really liked the lessons and the dietary side of kenzai the most.”

    MARY M.
  • Oh wow, what a journey! I learnt so much through out the program it's surreal. The lessons were amazing, and the nutritional and exercise info have taught me so much!

    MONA G.
  • I am super happy with this program. The blogging and teams help a lot. I was skeptical at first but I am convinced. It was inspiration all around.

    RAHUL D.
  • Kenzai has taught me a lot - discipline with diet, resolute focus on exercise, and knowledge of how the body really works… my weight, stamina and energy levels are what they were over 20 years ago.

    ROHIT C.
  • The Kenzai experience has been a very enriching one for me. I never in my dreams thought I could be so disciplined about my diet and my fitness.

    SUMA M.

Meet a few of our members

Thousands of people around the world train with us to get fit, stay healthier, and live longer.


Peter's Story


James's Story


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Chi's Story

How it works

Science-based wellness programs with you at the center.


Our nutrition team works with you to design custom meal plans every week. We focus on eating real food, no fad diets or factory-made supplements.


We create daily workouts that can be done anywhere, no gym required. Our workouts are tough, efficient, and designed to get results.


Expertly written daily lessons give you the knowledge and tools to take care of your body now and for life. Our goal is that on the last day of your program, you fire us.


At Kenzai, no one trains alone. Every member has a dedicated trainer and works alongside peers from around the world. Teamwork equals success.

Real Food

Truly healthy people aren’t skipping meals or drinking factory-made concoctions to lose weight. They’re eating a lot of the right things: vegetables, fruit, complex carbs, and proteins. Also known as real food. 

At Kenzai we don’t use templates or algorithms to generate meal plans. Our nutrition team designs a diet plan specifically for you, not just once, but every single week of your program. We build the nutrition plan around your needs, taking into account any food preferences, allergies, or lifestyle factors that affect your eating.

As your body changes, we adjust your diet to get you the best possible results.

Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated.

We design our diets based around macronutrient groups: carbs, vegetables, protein and fruit.

We provide you with the ideal portion size for every meal and snack. For example, your lunch might be 100 grams of carbs, 140 grams of vegetables, and 80 grams of protein. You choose how to fill out those grams.

This means you can eat the foods you like in the amounts your body needs. Along the way, we’ll teach you about the science of optimizing your nutrition to reach your fitness goals.

View our ever-expanding recipe section.


Real Exercise

Our goal is to not only make you lean, but strong. This means consistent daily workouts that burn fat and build muscle at a sustainable rate. We’re strictly minimalist in our approach to workouts. You’ll be using nothing more than a jumprope, a resistance band, and your own body weight. This is real exercise.

We have over 500 movements in our exercise library. If you have an old injury or aren't feeling like a particular exercise is effective, our expert trainers will offer tips, alternatives, and consultation at any time. The exercises can be done at home, in an office, in the park, or anywhere with enough room to swing a jump rope.

Custom workouts on-demand.

You’ll receive a new workout every day of your program. This lets you safely ramp up the difficulty of the exercises so that you’re never overwhelmed or at risk of injury. If an exercise isn’t working for you, your trainer will provide tips and substitutions.

No gym needed!

Try a sample workout now.


A  Global Community

When you join a Kenzai program, you’re matched with a trainer and a small team of fellow trainees from around the world. Our trainers will educate and motivate you to bring your best to the table. You’ll log your progress on your training blog and post weekly photos to keep you honest.

 A worldwide support network. 

With Kenzai you’ll have several layers of community support. You’ll be placed into a small group of 10-14 people. This team will start on the same day.

Your dedicated trainer guides you and your group through the program.

Through your blogs, photos, and comments you get to know each other and become a true team.

The larger Kenzai community of alumni and trainers provide additional backup and encouragement. 

View trainees in action on the live-stream.

Entry Programs


Our flagship program gets you lean, strong and focused with 90 days of no-nonsense body-weight workouts and customized nutrition plans.


Run smarter, not harder. We build your runner’s body from the ground up with our innovative mix of nutrition, strength-training, and running technique.


Designed to meet the training needs of older adults, Kenzai Silver delivers significant improvements in quality of life through a clean diet, gentle daily exercise, and a supportive community. Appropriate for trainees age 60 and over.

Member Programs

Strength Image.jpg


Kenzai strength programs are designed to help you break plateaus and build muscle safely and sustainably.


Kenzai conditioning programs combine the best of gymnastics, yoga, ballet and martial arts to unlock new potential.


Members take their running to the next level by learning good form, breathing techniques, cross-training and nutrition.


Boost speed, strength and agility with specialized workouts and diets designed for performance.

Why is Kenzai so effective?

We offer the support, accountability, and motivation you can only get from working with real people. You’ll train with confidence and trust in a program that’s gotten amazing results for thousands of members over the years.

Is Kenzai right for you?

Kenzai is for everyone who wants to unlock new potential. No matter your starting point, we’ll meet you there--and take you to the next level. We meld all of the elements of effective training and nutrition into a unique, flexible program design that fits into your busy lifestyle. We respect your intelligence and time, because training should enrich your life, not take it over.

Why become a member?

Whatever your goals, we’ve got you covered, year-round. From strength and stamina to endurance or conditioning, Kenzai programs give you the tools to live more fully in your body, and the knowledge to cut through the fog of the modern fitness industry. We empower you to achieve--and maintain--amazing results, indefinitely.

How much does it cost?

We have several different membership pricing tiers to meet your needs. Speak with a membership advisor to learn more.



  • 93%


    Our business model relies on transparency and honesty. That’s why we’re proud to say that 93% of our trainees complete the programs they start.

    18 lbs


    Kenzai focuses on burning fat and building muscle in a safe, sustainable way. Heavy trainees lose up to 50lbs, while trainees who need to add muscle might actually gain weight. We customize our programs to your body’s needs.



    We designed Kenzai to be the last program you’ll ever need. 90 days from now we hope you fire us because you’ll know everything you need to stay fit and healthy for life.



    We’re a truly global program that goes everywhere you do and gets results for the busiest of people. No gym or special equipment required.

  • 87%


    At Kenzai we strip away the gimmicks and excuses that make staying in shape so hard. You learn to workout smarter, not harder and follow a common-sense approach to nutrition that works in the real world.



    Kenzai delivers results and is a life-changing experience. No wonder almost all our alumni would recommend Kenzai to their friends. It's the best endorsement we can ever get.



    Our goal at Kenzai is to give you a new body and mindset that opens up a new world of adventure. Many of our graduates go on to try activities from running to surfing to mixed martial arts.



    A program that asks you to make unrealistic changes is not sustainable. Many of the things you’ll learn on Kenzai become habits that integrate seamlessly into your life long after the program ends.

  • 10-12


    Keeping our training groups small ensures that everyone knows each other on a first-name basis, and that trainers are able to provide every member with the individual attention they need to be successful.



    Read a new lesson every day on the program. You’ll learn the basics of nutrition and exercise, while unlocking fitness pro tips and life-hacks along the way.



    We are a selective training program prioritizing quality of service over quantity of sign-ups. Limiting our training numbers allows us to better support our members, and deliver the best possible experience to every trainee.



    Kenzai is a serious program when you’re ready to make a real change. If you sign up and find it’s not what you’re looking for, take advantage of our 14-day money back guarantee.

We’d love to talk.

At Kenzai, we want you to live in a body that is healthy and strong. But we know the fitness industry is loaded with gimmicks, false promises, and pseudo-science.

If you are ready for a program that respects your intelligence and understands the realities of living in an older body, we want to work with you.

Schedule a call with a Kenzai team member, we'd love to discuss your health goals and find out if Kenzai is right for you.

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