Most runners try to improve by adding more and more distance, pounding out runs until burnout or injury occurs. At Kenzai, we take a different approach; we build your runner’s body from the ground-up.

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. Our nutrition team handcrafts a training diet for every day of your program, specially designed for the running life. 

Strength training. Throughout the week you’ll do targeted Kenzai workouts made to give you power and endurance during your runs.

Education. Daily lessons teach you how running really works, from the anatomy of your stride to the psychology of staying motivated.

Smart running. Throughout the week you’ll take on different kinds of runs to boost your speed and endurance, improve your form, and work on your mental toughness.

Put it all together and you’ve got an 8 week program that will get you to new personal bests, safely and with style

If you’re a runner, you owe it to yourself to get off on the right foot with Kenzai Run!