Day 61: Good and Evil at Costco

Choose wisely!

Choose wisely!

I was up north running an errand today, close to the nearest Costco in the area, so I decided to drop by and get the pantry stocked for the final month of the Fatpocalypse.

Costco is strange like that. It's like a power that can be used for great good or great evil. On the good side, cheap protein, milk, vegetables and eggs in large quantities needed for fitness training, all at a reasonable price. On the evil side, those same quantities of junk food, processed food, and alcohol, at an even more reasonable price.

Walking around you can see people who are making both kinds of choices. Costco can play a part in getting you in great shape, or it can literally take years off your life. With great power comes great responsibility!

I made it out without any issues, that's the beauty of the last third of a program, you barely even register the off-diet food anymore, it's just not stuff that you eat anymore!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.