Day 63: No More Jiggle


Today was end-of-the-week cardio only day. I worked the Tiburon half marathon booth in the morning. Seeing thousands of people of all shapes and sizes running their best with a smile on their face got me in the mood to do a quick 5k instead of jumprope.

Headed out for my first run in 2 weeks and was pleasantly surprised that the whole enterprise felt much less jiggly than before. My love handles are stubborn, but it seems they've finally mobilized most of their fat stores. It makes a huge difference over thousands of running strides to have flat, toned sides of the body, you feel like you're wasting less energy, are running sleeker, and accessing more of your core. Most of this is probably illusory, but it sure does feel good.

Only downside is that I mistimed my lunch and preworkout snacks so was feeling rather underfueled for the run, a bit of lightheadedness and sluggishness in the last half. My diet is running super lean right now, that means that you have a very small margin of error, stray too far out of your expected energetic expenditure and you're hitting the wall in a serious way.

Another week down, just over three more to go. The home stretch!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.