Day 14: All in all a good week!


Today I planned to do my usual alternative cardio run on the water. Juri and Kazue wanted to join me on bicycles. So we had a Punch-Out! training-scene style jogging session.

Come on Lil' Mac!

Come on Lil' Mac!

Shepherding a 4 year old through a 5k run made a big dent in my time. I could feel my irritation rising at a few points, but quickly realized that's pretty silly, what's the point of all this training if you lose sight of the really important things? Who cares if my time was 15 minutes slower, those were 15 minutes spent showing my daughter what it looks and feels like to really exercise, and giving her a chance to practice some mental toughness. All in all a good use of time.

Feeling pretty beat up today, but looking back at the week it feels good to know that every workout and every meal+snack was accounted for. Not all perfect, but all there!

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