Day 18: Hey, this stuff actually works!


Today I was riding my bike to the office. My bicycle gears are kind of jacked up right now and I only have a choice between two gears; ridiculously easy and terribly hard.

There's a long, steady uphill street in Berkeley that usually leaves me feeling pretty whipped by the time I get to the end of it. Today I noticed that my legs were barely feeling the burn, even in the hard gear. It felt like I was cheating.

Even after all these years of putting these principles into practice and spreading the good news about eating right and exercising, I was kind of surprised that, yes, this stuff actually works! 18 days of squats, lunges, and jump ropes DO make your legs strong as hell! It was a great feeling, and gets back to the heart of why we do this; to live more deeply and fully experience a rich human life!

So that was cool. Everything else is more or less on track, working on getting the work-life balance back to an even keel the rest of this week and this weekend!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.