Day 1: Beating back the Dad-bod.

Bring it on!

Bring it on!

Hey gang. I've been laying low for the past few months. The Kenzai team finally found a headquarters spot that matched our ambitions, and it took a solid two months of renovations to get moved in. On top of that, I was deep in my work to complete the Kenzai Body trilogy, as well as all the life stuff of school, family, you know the deal.

During this time I played it really fast and loose with my diet and exercise. I stress-ate A LOT over the last few months. The result is, unsurprisingly, an overly high body fat, lack of muscle tone, and general feeling of crappiness. I knew it was time to hit training again, and to have a good strong session now that things are finally stable.

I've been watching with interest how people are using new social media outlets to find inspiration and motivation to stick to their fitness goals. There are, for example, entire subcultures on instagram and twitter devoted to logging their exercise routines and holding themselves accountable.

This is where the idea for a full on, 100% transparent event came about. I was meditating a few weeks ago and the name bubbled up. We were going to wage war on this fat that was sticking to my body, it was going to be fat armageddon... a fatocalypse. And we were going to live stream it.

Today is Day 1 of this experiment. Over the next 90 days, I'm going to be as clear and transparent as possible, sharing every meal, snack, workout, and craving that comes with a round of training. I'm going to show, in delightfully tedious detail, how much you can change your physique in a short amount of time, with nothing but food and simple exercise. To drive my point home, I'm going to do this all just following our basic program, Kenzai Body. No crazy advanced exercises, just the fundamentals.

There are four big things I want to accomplish in these next 90 days. 
1. To get back in shape, low body fat, high muscle mass, six pack, the works. 
2. To figure out how these new technologies can be integrated into our programs. Back in the day, all we had were blogs. Now I can livestream to thousands with the touch of a button. Let's see how these new communication channels can help (or hurt) a training cycle! 
2. To show our users and the world that there aren't any tricks here, every single food input and exercise will be catalogued and live streamed when possible. 
3. To use my own training as a jumping off point to teach YOU how to do this stuff. If you're brand new to training, you'll see how it works from the ground up. If you're a seasoned Kenzai trainee, you'll get tips and tricks that will propel you even farther in your training efforts.

This is where our lean and clean blog design at Kenzai falls a bit short. As much as I'd like to, I can't host and gather all these new media types here in this blog. So I've staked out a Fatpocalypse section of ( and will be blogging from there for the next 90 days. Set your bookmarks, it's going to be a steady stream of great stuff hitting that page like a 90 day long hurricane!

So that's how it's going to go. Visit as often as you like, hold me accountable, ask me questions via Twitter ( or Facebook ( I'll answer every single one!

Do I still have what it takes? Will I publicly humiliate myself and be found comatose in a kids pool of raw cookie dough? In 90 days we'll all know the answer to these questions and more. Let the Fatpocalypse BEGIN!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.