Day 26: Indulgence 1 Down the Hatch!

A Reynolds family recipe!

A Reynolds family recipe!

Thanks for all the good ideas on what to have for indulgence number 1. In the end I decided to go with a homemade dish that we haven't prepared in almost a year. You take a gyoza recipe, and instead of pork and onions and stuff, you use kim-chi, cabbage, and shredded cheese. Sounds odd but it's a pretty fantastic combination of acids, fats, and salts that hits the spot.

So Kazue and I made some last night, along with Chen's famous chinese eggplant recipe. Even thought the kim-chi wasn't quite up to snuff (the US has a lot of catching up to do!) it was pretty great. I could feel my body lavishing in the oils and cheese.

Just over three more weeks until the next one, I hope the gyoza tides me over! Next indulgence will definitely be on the sweet side of the spectrum!

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