Day 2: Sneaky Risotto Demon!

Not today, leftover risotto demon!

Not today, leftover risotto demon!

Got home today and Kazue had made some creamy risotto for herself. There was a bit left in the pot, with the spatula resting on the side, and I swear, my hand was starting to move towards the spatula for a sneaky bite before I even realized it. It was a good example of how much I've been letting slide. There's nothing wrong with a quite bite of risotto, but it's these phantom calories that add up to an extra 10kg on the midsection when you're not looking.

Everything else is going well, good workouts, good back and forth with Kenzai users and the public at large, and no big cravings yet (they're coming, and when they do I'll livestream them to death!) Onward into the storm!

Tomorrow I'll break down what I call "the situation". A detailed breakdown of what's up with my body and how we're going to tackle it over the remaining 88 days.


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