Day 6: Feels like its been a month


So, after a week of working towards complete transparency, I can say that the experience of live-streaming the workouts, meals, daily blogging, and simply THINKING about training as something to share with the public has had one notable effect; it all stretches time like the goddamn event horizon of a black hole!

I feel like I've been at this for a month, keeping track of it all with such granularity really makes each day standout, which in turn makes it all seem to be happening slowly. In a normal training cycle the first week would have flown by. I'm not even on Day 7 yet!

This isn't a bad thing though, it's definitely keeping my mindfulness front and center, with the meal, snack, or workout in front of me taking up all of my focus. Certainly an interesting and worthwhile way to train. Can I keep it up for 12 more weeks. We can only hope!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.