Day 5: No no no no...

NO means NO Brownie Bite Bros!

NO means NO Brownie Bite Bros!

Went shopping for Week 2 groceries today. Was before dinner so I was pretty hungry. Had some semi-strong cravings walking around the store.

Not anything that would make me waver, but my body/mind is definitely starting to figure out that something's up and sending out some signals. "Hey buddy... uh, we're not getting the sugars, salts, and fats that we're used to.... I'm getting reports from the fat union that we might actually need to mobilize some of those guys... you wouldn't want that would you? Don't you like being a little butterball? How about one of those brownie bites? It's just a BITE boss, why are you so worried about it!

Anyway, it's a preview of things to come. Cravings will get stronger, almost painfully stronger once the adipose tissue really starts to get cranking. This is about to be "not the fun part!"

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