Day 7: Yes, Running Sucks

5 km, 35 min. Zero fun!

5 km, 35 min. Zero fun!

Throughout this program I'll be trying different cardio options for the Day 7 workout. Jumping rope is irreplaceable, but mixing it up is good for the body and mind!

Today I went for a quick 5k run on the waterfront. Nice views, nice people waving as I passed, but don't let it fool you I really hated every minute of it. My body is an anti-running machine, top heavy, short little stumpy legs, I hobble along like a chubby grade-schooler on sports day, with two full casts on his husky legs.

Nothing about running is redeeming for me. I don't get the runner's high, even at long distances, I don't find my rhythm and find that the miles fly by, I don't have spiritual connections to the universe. I just plod along and wish it was over.

My run tracking app always asks me "How was your run" and I take these chances to write the most hangdog, profanity riddled, hate-posts that I can. It sounds strange but this is my favorite part of running, thinking of new ways to describe how much I hate it in that little post-run interview! It's the little things!

I put up a Day 7 recap livestream, check it out here. Onwards to bigger, badder weeks!

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