Day 8: Feeling it


Today's workout made me break a sweat! The fact that it's going to get harder and harder is a little scary, even though I, you know... made these workouts!

Every day you have to face the two you's... One of them is the "little you" the you that avoids discomfort, that prefers to stay inside on a beautiful day, the one that's scared. I felt "little me" freak out a bit today, doing that fourth set of push-ups.

Fortunately there's "big you" as well. The you that takes on adventure, that loves look of an untaken path, that laughs in the face of danger and says things like "bring it on!" They're both inside us, and the one you nurture is the one who controls you.

Trying to let the big guy out, but today felt pretty small!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.