Day 9: Sweet rewards


One of my long-term projects as a health-educator is to "de-bro-ify" fitness and peak condition. I hate that what is a fundamental human right; being in fabulous shape, has largely be co-opted by a narrow-minded anti-intellectual movement of gym-rats with obsessive tendencies and shallow pre-occupations. These bros and instagram gym ladies are actually a small minority of people looking to get in shape, but they somehow take all the oxygen in the room.

Over the years I've met so many people who are interested in fitness because it's a stable platform from which to launch their real interests, which are exceedingly "Un-bro-iy". Astronomy geeks. D&D losers, Street Fighter circuit fighters (the video game, not the back-alley variety). And lots and lots of gamers. There's a whole secret underground of fit gamers out there. They don't trumpet their six-packs and muscle tone, because they don't really care about that stuff. They just want to get their game on.

Tonight my jump rope is done, workout was livestreamed, my diet was clean. I took out the trash, did my work to the best of my abilities, and am going to sink a few hours into a new game. This is my version of heaven. Sitting in front of a PS4 for a few hours and rocking out some wide-grip pull-ups are not mutually exclusive activities! We are gamer-geeks, we are ripped. We are legion!

Firing up the console and going on a virtual adventure now! And more Fatpocalypse in the morning!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.