Day 42: Hillclimbing


When you lose body fat and gain muscle mass at the same time, you get some really fun moments. Life is in many ways just a squishy physics equation, your muscles pull and push against your skeletal system to position your arms and legs in the right ways to propel you through the world.

Dropping body fat means that there's less mass to push around, and gaining muscle means there's more power in the muscles to do it. Put them together and you start to feel like you're walking on air.

My house is halfway up a steep hill. Getting up with any kind of speed really puts some burn in your calves and quads. Doing it with a 15kg kid on your shoulders only adds to the fun. Today I made the hike up with Juri on my shoulders and only felt the lightest of burns at the top. These are the "wow it really works" moments that make training sweet! All those floorjumps, creeps, pistol squats, and egg white dinners add up to sometime special! Onward into the fray of Week 7!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.