Day 44: On track with snacks


I've been missing snacks left and right this week! Missing a bit of fruit or yogurt may not seem like a big deal, in fact a lot of trainees make the mistake of thinking "if I'm losing this much fat WITH snacks, I'll lose even more if I skip them!" This might work in the short term, but missing snacks consistently will trip you up in two ways:

1. If you consistently get a food input every 2-4 hours your body and metabolism will be geared towards firing fast and firing efficiently. Going long stretches will reduce how effectively your system can deliver nutrients to the body.

2. Missing snacks means you're going to be approaching your next meal hungry. This means you'll either need to summon a ton of extra willpower to stay on diet, or slip and have more grams or off-diet foods.

Snacks keep you on track! I need to be better on getting my down on busy days!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.