Day 46: Wobbly day, wobbly week


Another heavy day of meetings that can't be put off, this is one of those weeks where priorities simply have to shift. This doesn't mean missing workouts or blowing the diet, it just means things are as ship-shape as they usually are when I'm running on all cylinders. This is a key point of successful training - your WORST day needs to be better than an average person's good day. Nothing else will get the body to truly change!

Yesterday's indulgence isn't helping either, sometimes an indulgence can let off steam, other times it hits you when you're in a vulnerable place and opens the floodgates for a bunch of new cravings. I'm feeling the latter this week and fighting off temptation more than usual!

Strong training comes from routine, and this week is definitely breaking up my routine and slowing down physical change!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.