Day 48: Fun workout


Today's live workout was interesting. For some reason there was a steady stream of legitimate, thoughtful questions popping up the whole time. I did my best to answer them while still working through my sets and reps, and felt like I might have gotten through to someone out there.

One of the themes of the Periscope questions and comments was simply "I can't do this." People struggling with giving up their favorite foods, struggling with the drive to exercise everyday, struggling with the time commitments and all the other dozens of things that get in the way of a serious training effort.

What I tried to say in the video is a simple message. Yes, you can do this. In fact, in the big scheme of things, this is one of the simplest things you actually CAN do. If you ask "can I become the US President?" the answer to that is "yes, if....." and it's a LONG list of ifs, many involving money, luck, timing, and thousands of other variables. If you ask "can I become an astronaut" you're going to have a whole other set of ifs, many of them having to do with your genetics, intelligence, age, so many things!

But your fitness isn't about luck, timing, money, or good genes. You can live up to your potential whenever you choose. You can start eating right with a single trip to the supermarket. You can start gaining muscle in an empty room with your own 200 muscles. There's nothing in the way.

Believe it! I'm trying to show you the way with Kenzai in general and the Fatpocalypse in particular. It's all here, no mysteries, just vegetables, sweat, and a smidge of discipline. Everything I'm doing YOU CAN DO!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.