Day 49: Way to go little buddy!


Today is "day 7" of the Kenzai week, and that means a break from muscle building and a workout of simple cardio to keep the caloric burn going. I try to do a run on these days to break up the monotony of jumprope, as well as using it as a chance to put my changing body through a benchmark test. As I've written about many times on the Fatpocalypse, I really hate running, it just doesn't agree with me.

Not bad for a four year old!

On the first run of the program my daughter had the idea to bike alongside me. That seemed kind of fun, until about 10 minutes in when she decided she was hot and tired and then I realized I was stuck with not only a 4 year old but a bike she refused to pedal.

Today she said "I want to run with you!" and I was like, "oh boy.... ok, let's try this again. Go get your bike." She says "No, I want to RUN with you!" She actually wanted to physically run! I tried to talk her out of it but once she decides to do something it's hard to deter her.

So we start running, and I'm thinking this is going to go really badly. But surprisingly, the kid ran a solid 1.25km without stopping! We were getting lots of crazy looks from people we passed. You see this map of my run? That little circle is what Juri ran with me before we dropped by home and I completed the run.

She was really tired and plowed through a ton of carbs at dinner. I guess her body has never experienced that amount of caloric burn in such a short time. Here's a picture of us after our run. The look on my face is me trying to smile after another dreadful run. 

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.