Day 32: Worst day yet

Thanks for the support buddy!

Thanks for the support buddy!

Well, not a day for the record books. Ear is still jacked up, and for the second night in a row got home at 9:30 pm, with a bunch of meals and a workout still left to do. I was really feeling low, but my daughter said "let's do a workout together!" You can see how hard she worked in the daily video.

As a result of the bad schedule, I've missed my jumprope and two evening snacks for two days in a row now. Not good! Wouldn't be so frustrating if it was laziness, I've just been pressed for every single second of the day this week and it's my program which is taking the brunt of it.

But all in all no big screwups, no missed meals, just snacks, and no going off the rails.

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