Day 58: Truck fire!

Not something you see every day.

Not something you see every day.

I'm still recovering from being in LA, and wasn't feeling like going into the office today. But we've got a ton to do to finish out our new program launches so I got in the car and headed out. Got stuck in traffic a few minutes later. But this traffic seemed different. I called Kazue and asked her if something was up on the bridge, and she told me there was a truck on fire and the bridge was completely closed!

So I did a U-turn and just went home. And it's a good thing because the bridge was shut down for 10 hours! Got a lot done from home and had a great workout. Picked my daughter up from school and took care of a lot of life stuff which I'd been putting off.

I'm glad that the truck driver is fine, and I'm really sorry for all those people stuck in traffic. But I'm so glad that truck gave me the ultimate excuse to make it a home day. And it's a good reminder that I should listen to my inner voice when I'm feeling like it's not a good time to go into the office!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.