Day 59: Back on track

Good times.

Good times.

What a difference! 24 hours of good food, good sleep, some family time, and I'M BACK BABY! Had a really strong workout and jumprope session today. Muscles performing well, coordination on point, good endurance, strong focus.

Visually I'm seeing good muscle tone, turning the corner on 12% subcutaneous body fat, decent vascularity and skin health.

No hunger issues, no cravings, fresh foods are satisfying and processed foods are unappealing. All in all, just where I'd want a trainee to be at the end of their valley time. Amazing how universal the training experience is, from the founder of the program to the newest of newbies.

Looking forward to crossing the 2/3 mark and finishing strong. Days like this make it all worth it!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.