Days 50 - 56: A week in review

Working the convention with our friends and partners, the Beddit guys!

Working the convention with our friends and partners, the Beddit guys!

I really wanted to crank through this Fatpocalypse with a daily blog, every single day, but this week has gotten away from me. The team went down to LA for a three day convention, which became a comedy of errors that resulted in 5 days, staying in 3 locations, with 15+ hours of driving.

The good news; training stayed on track, no missed workouts, even though there were some dicey moments, like the time I had to livestream a workout from a driveway because we were locked out of the house we were staying in. Not so good news, diet was a little shaky. By a regular person's standards it was fine, but it wasn't up to Kenzai standards, some heavy, oily, salty meals and a lot of missed snacks. Just cruise through the food gallery to see how it all went down.

Like I say in my end of week video, you're going to have one of this wild weeks thrown in during any 3 month period. This one came right in the middle of the program when grams are tight and workouts are getting tough, but I weathered the storm pretty well, didn't get sick, didn't miss a workout, and have gotten back on an even keel with my diet. I'd call that a win.

Also made a bunch of new friends, sold a truckload of Beddits, got people in some Kenzai programs, and attended some really great lectures at the Bulletproof conference. Also saw a ton of shoddy thinking and pseudoscientific nonsense, which is also fine and a good chance to learn. So we can't overlook all the positive growth that happened at the expense of a perfect training week!


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