Day 36: Advertising

No, actually, I'm NOT craving you.

No, actually, I'm NOT craving you.

There's a billboard I pass on my way to work, it's been up for a month now, the entire time I've been doing the Fatpocalypse challenge. It says:


Back in weeks 2 and 3 when I was really fighting back some cravings as I was working towards "escape velocity" (that time when your body has adjusted to your training diet and isn't throwing cravings in your face all day long) that billboard was really not helping. I would just be driving along happily and every single time it would get me thinking about goddamn fajitas.

Most advertising is designed to put you in a mental state that is unbalanced, so that you seek the product advertised to get you feeling better. The fajita billboard is one of the clearest examples of that I've ever seen. When you're working hard to get your diet right, it's good to remember that you're essentially working behind enemy lines, there are many, many forces lined up against you, and you have to keep your mental armor up especially during those first few weeks when you're still under the pull of off-diet foods. Stay strong!

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.