Day 37: Double Duty


This week we're shooting a ton of new exercise photos for upcoming Kenzai programs. I spent the entire day swinging a kettlebell around for all the new Kenzai Kettlebell photos we need to wrap up. Those things are heavy, and I was totally gassed for the workout.

I could have skipped the workout and no one would have questioned it. But this is that special zone you get into when you're dialed in and on track. I don't want to get out of a workout, no matter how justified my day of exercise has been. You just don't miss workouts! Turning that mental corner and getting in the groove like this takes a solid month. Feels good to be here again!

This is why the first 4 weeks of a program are so important to be strict with. The habits and daily rhythms you set down at the beginning will propel you through the middle and to the "end is in sight" final few weeks. Grit and willpower expended at the start will reward you with far less need for grit and willpower in the middle and end.

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.