Day 39: Getting some answers

The list of suspects.

The list of suspects.

So, I talked about how my ear was all inflamed and itchy a few days ago. Well, that red rashy feeling spread to my other ear, and spots on my arms, my forehead, my neck. I was getting a little freaked out, mostly because I didn't want to pass anything on to my family.

So I rolled down to the local clinic and asked them what they thought it was. The doctor took a look and quickly said it was probably poison oak. I've never had any kind of reaction to poison ivy or poison oak, maybe it's some new strain that I've never encountered or something. No idea where I picked it up.

Anyway, I'm on the right medicine now and things are under control. Has really affected my sleep being itchy all the time, which of course has affected my training, but no matter what, every training cycle you get a curveball like this. Hope there aren't anymore!

On the plus side, someone told me now that I've gotten poison oak I'm a real Californian.

Published on by Patrick Reynolds.