How we do it:



We'll get you to peak condition in 90 days. Here’s how we do it:
  • A dedicated trainer to answer your questions and guide you through the program.
  • A small group of peers to train alongside you. Sharing your experience with other people dramatically increases your chances of success.
  • Customized diets made by hand that consider your current condition, food preferences, and fitness goals.
  • Daily workouts that ramp up as you become fitter. No special equipment or gym needed.
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We train your body and mind to run like a pro.
  • Handcrafted training diets made by our nutrition team - updated every week.
  • Targeted Kenzai workouts made to give you power and endurance during your runs.
  • Daily lessons teach you how running really works, from the anatomy of your stride to the psychology of staying motivated.
  • Take on different kinds of runs to boost your speed and endurance, improve your form, and work on your mental toughness.
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As a member, you’ll receive year-round access to Kenzai programs and around-the-clock guidance from your trainer and nutritionist. Start with either the Run or Body entry programs then graduate to advanced courses focusing on conditioning, strength, running and sports training. Pay one price, and have access to the entire Kenzai suite. Our best offer to date.