Why is Kenzai so effective?

We offer the support, accountability, and motivation you can only get from working with real people. You’ll train with confidence and trust in a program that’s gotten amazing results for thousands of members over the years.

Is Kenzai right for you?

Kenzai is for everyone who wants to unlock new potential. No matter your starting point, we’ll meet you there--and take you to the next level. We meld all of the elements of effective training and nutrition into a unique, flexible program design that fits into your busy lifestyle. We respect your intelligence and time, because training should enrich your life, not take it over.

Why become a member?

Whatever your goals, we’ve got you covered, year-round. From strength and stamina to endurance or conditioning, Kenzai programs give you the tools to live more fully in your body, and the knowledge to cut through the fog of the modern fitness industry. We empower you to achieve--and maintain--amazing results, indefinitely.

How much does it cost?

We have several different membership pricing tiers to meet your needs. Speak with a membership advisor to learn more.