The 25 questions we're asked most often.


The questions we're asked most often.

Why are you moving to the membership model?

See what Patrick Reynolds, Kenzai Founder & CEO, has to say about the membership change here and here

What are the benefits of Membership?

With Membership, you can enjoy access to all current and future Kenzai programs, 2-week Skills Courses, and other community challenges - all for one flat annual price, with unlimited program restarts.Our trainers and nutritionists  will offer you year-round support.

Do I need to join as a member to sign up an advanced program?

Starting January 1, 2017, all advanced programs are reserved for alumni with Kenzai Membership or a continuing Kenzai Life subscription.

What does Membership cost?

 If you are a current trainee or alumni, you can view Membership pricing by clicking on your Programs tab after logging into your Kenzai account.

If you have never completed a program with Kenzai, we invite you to contact a Membership Advisor ( to determine the best tier of Membership for you.

What can I do with my Membership when I’m not on a structured program?

You will have access to daily workout plans based on how much or how little you want to exercise a week, as well as a customized diet based on your fitness goals. There will also be community activities and exciting new Skills Courses and mini-challenges.

What is happening to Kenzai Life?
Do I need to upgrade to Membership?

We leave the choice to you. If you decide that you’d like to continue Kenzai Life, no problem. You will be able to access your workouts and quarterly diet updates through the end of your monthly or annual subscription. You will also be able to purchase programs individually using your Life discounts. The only thing you won't be able to do is renew your Life subscription. Kenzai Life will be wound down in 2017. 

Or you can choose to join Membership now and access all the programs at one flat price.  As an alum, you will have the opportunity to sign up for Membership at any time.   


Can I choose the start date for my membership?

If you sign up for Membership in 2016, your membership will start on January 1, 2017.

If you sign up for Membership after January 1, 2017, your Membership will start on the purchase date.

I am in the middle of a Kenzai program now. Can I still purchase Membership?

Yes. You can sign up for Membership here.

I have already purchased a program for 2017 but would like to sign up for Membership. What can I do?

You can purchase Membership and request a refund for the 2017 program. We will process the refund. 

I have a restart credit for next year. Will it still be valid?

Yes, we will absolutely honor the restart for next year. You can choose to sign up for an annual Membership after the completion of that program if you wish. Alternatively, you can lock in the Membership pricing now. We leave the option to you.

Can I pause or freeze my Membership?

You can request to pause Membership for up to one  year for pregnancy or serious medical conditions. Non-medical exemptions will not be made.

What is your refund policy?

You may request a refund within 14 days from your Membership start date.


I am an alum. What can I do on the site without Membership?

You will have continued access to all the training materials (workouts, lessons, diets, and photos) for each program that you’ve completed. While you may not post new blogs, you will be able to leave comments on other Kenzai blogs.  

Do you have a free Membership trial period?

Not at this time, but for 30 days upon completing an Kenzai entry program, trainees will have access to new diets, fresh daily workouts, weekly notes on health and wellness, and the opportunity to sign up for Membership at a special price.

Can Membership be paid in split installments online?

No. To explore non-standard payment options, please contact our Membership Advisor at

Have a Membership question not answered here?

If you have additional questions or need more detail about any of the questions above, check out our standard FAQ page or don't hesitate to contact us!