Real People, Real Results

A  picture is worth a thousand words when you're choosing a fitness program. All the photos in our gallery are real Kenzai Body graduates. No fancy lighting, fitness models, or photoshop.

“We needed a change in our lives, a change in our outlook, a change in our self image, confidence, posture, a change in how we perceive ourselves (and hence the world) and a change in how the world perceives us.”
“Can't believe it's all over- I did this with the objective of long term health & fitness, and hopefully get better at triathlon-ing. The former will be an ongoing process but now I feel like I have a solid base of knowledge and habits.I just finished my second triathlon. I was 8kg lighter from my last race last September, finished 5 min faster, and placed much better overall.”
“I could write a book about what Kenzai is but you won't really understand it until you experience it for yourself, day in and day out. I lost 6kg. It was the hardest simple thing I have ever done in my life. But I did it.”
This has been the most life changing experience (Apart from having my baby) and rewarding all at the same time. My outlook on life- my body - my health and my family has completely changed! Thank you Kenzai- This was a gift.
“By following the programme quite rigorously, I have proven to myself that I can put the excuses to one side, and demonstrate some pretty incredible discipline and grit, and indeed enjoy the process and ensuing rewards.“
“Kenzai Body has proven to be everything I expected and more. I am so grateful for the community of support from trainers and fellow team members. I have a new appreciation for fruits and veggies and while my sweet tooth still rears its ugly head, I know I can suppress it.”
“What a journey ­ it has changed my life. I feel great, I feel confident and have more energy than ever.”
“This has changed my life so much. Food is sooo different now to me, found a cardio I can do and I like to do. Nothing fits me! Nothing, I had to get all new everything. I went to the store and I bought M size shorts! I made it to 13.8% body fat from around 19~20 ish not sure, don't remember. My weight went from ~ 220 lbs to 188.7 lbs ! That is a LOSS of 31.3 lbs !!! I didn't have this waist size even in high school!”
“I feel strong. I feel motivated. I feel happy. This has been an epic journey and I have loved it. It has been wonderful to share my story and read other stories along the way, feel a sense of community (this is the key to Kenzai and can't be explained until others actually DO it), and know you're not alone during your 90 day endurance effort.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience; the lessons, the training, the diet - Kenzai genuinely put me back on the path to a healthier lifestyle. The most interesting thing is that I found myself avoiding illness where everyone around me was under the weather. I am a Kenzai convert - thanks for the journey.”
“Kenzai has changed the way I see myself, and the things I put in my body. I have NEVER been in such good shape. Even in high school when I was doing 3 sports, my diet was poor and I didn't achieve the highs I have doing Kenzai. 12 pounds lighter than my senior year!”
“Kenzai has been such a game changer in my mental and physical health! I feel so great overall, although there were some rough patches...I have learnt so much from the lessons and training that I can take with me for the rest of my life. I feel my life has been renewed!!”