About the program

Age is a state of mind, not a number. And with Kenzai Silver we'll get both your mind and body to a fitter and healthier place in just 8 weeks!

By far our most requested program has been a version of Kenzai training designed for older clients. The challenges of training when you're 60 are quite different than when you were in your 30s or 40s. Kenzai Silver is designed from the ground up to meet these needs and deliver significant improvements in quality of life for trainees 60 and up!


Here's how we do it.


Like all Kenzai programs, we'll start with your diet. You'll learn what nutrients your body needs as it ages and which foods are doing you no good. We'll expect you to keep a clean, tight diet, with some room for treats here and there.


We'll focus on exercises that promote range of motion, balance, stability, and joint health. Workouts will take about 30-45 minutes a day. 

  • Each workout begins with a joint mobility session to get the body moving smoothly and skillfully.
  • Next there is a short, gentle cardio session to get the heart rate up and mobilize body fat.
  • A 15-20 minute muscle building session follows cardio, with exercises designed to give functional strength and improved balance.
  • Every workout will end with a cool-down stretching session to leave the body feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Older clients have a completely different set of skills to learn. Each day of your program you'll get an in-depth lesson about how to meet the needs of your changing body and make the most of every day. These lessons will be your field guide to navigating the ups and downs of growing older.


When you join Kenzai Silver you'll be placed in a training group with one of our skilled Kenzai trainers and a cohort of fellow Silver trainees. You'll work together to conquer the challenges of a real training cycle, using the power of real human connection to stay motivated and on track. Kenzai Silver trainers will be there for you every step of the way with specialized knowledge about how to make the diet and exercise work for you.

Add it all together and in just 8 weeks you'll see how much strength and vitality you've still got in you. The fountain of youth is real, and it looks like this; a clean diet, daily exercise, a plan, and the will to change. We'll provide the first three, you bring the last, and let's show the world how you're not just getting older, you're getting bolder, stronger, and more confident with each passing year!

Here's what they're saying

  • Thanks to Kenzai, I am feeling so much better, not only in how I look, but in energy and movement. Back on Day 1, I hobbled into Kenzai, literally.
    Barbara D., 75
    Kenzai is an awesome reality check! Thank you! I cannot begin to name all the lessons gained – about fitness, about diet, about myself. I set meaningful goals for a woman my age……and I met and surpassed them!
    Jerry R., 77
  • The combination of sound doctors’ advice, medication, morning walks and Kenzai exercises have had a beneficial impact on my body. In the morning, I can get up and move without pain. The battle with sciatica and inflexibility will be an ongoing one, especially for a person my age. As a Kenzai Member, I look forward to continuing the battle.
    Kermit C., 74
    I had a check-up with doctor and my sugar numbers and blood pressure both dropped. In fact, blood pressure lower than ever. He said at next appointment he would most probably lower and /or take blood pressure meds away.
    Barbara W., 73
  • Only two days past the program 'finish' line and I am already noticing the valuable residues of this wonderful program.... Hard to remember when I have felt more attuned to my body and its true needs!
    Martin B., 73
    This was truly a transformative experience for me. I lost about 30 lbs. My cardiovascular fitness improved to a level that I thought was gone forever. I still feel I could improve some more but what has been accomplished is remarkable.
    David I., 60





Kenzai Silver is designed to meet the training needs of older adults and deliver significant improvements in quality of life through a clean diet, daily exercise, and a structured plan. Appropriate for trainees age 60 and over.






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