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The slopes are calling. We know you can't wait to get out there, but is your body ready?!


Skiboot is a quick blast of training that will equip you with the strength, coordination, and knowledge to make the most of your next ski-trip. For 28 days you’ll prepare your mind and body for the ski season!

You’ll work through a variety of workouts designed to give your legs and core balance and explosive power. Daily lessons will educate you on how to handle yourself on the slopes, including core concepts of mountain-safety, injury prevention, and recovery. And of course your training diet will get you lean and mean for the mountain (as well as looking fit for the lodge hot tub!)

If you’re putting the time and money into a ski trip this season, you owe it to yourself to get trained up beforehand so that every second on the powder is fun, safe, and rewarding! Skiboot will get you there!

Skiboot will help you get the most out of your time on the slopes!