Welcome to Kenzai

At Kenzai, we use real people every step of the way. Your trainer, your nutritionist, and the support team in the background work with you individually to meet your fitness goals.

This is why more than 90% of our clients finish their program with fantastic results. You won’t find any fine print on our website because at Kenzai, results are typical.

After you finish your program, our goal is that you fire us. We want to empower you to take care of yourself and be the last fitness program you ever need.

Real people, real results

  • I started at 243 lbs (110 kg). As of this morning I am 201 lbs (91.17 kg). That is a loss of 42 lbs (19 kg) in 3 MONTHS!!! I worked my butt off. Stuck to the diet (with only 2 slip ups), and watched what I consumed. NO salt, NO sugar, NO honey NOTHING. I weighed everything out to within a gram, and had an alarm on my phone go off for every meal and snack. I stuck to a regimen. I ate at exact times, the exact proportions, and hit my workouts religiously.

    Kenzai has changed the way I see myself, and the things I put in my body. I have NEVER been in such good shape. Even in high school when I was doing 3 sports, my diet was poor and I didn't achieve the highs I have doing Kenzai. 12 pounds lighter than my senior year!

    Tristan B.

  • What an amazing journey it has been!!! It's been very challenging at times; lots of sweat, some tears, I have ached where I have never ached before but most of all it has been empowering! I feel stronger, fitter and much healthier than I ever have. I'm super proud of my restraint and commitment. I have never done anything like this so was unsure how I would go. But it was all or nothing and I gave it my ALL...

    I have a goal and I am going to use all the Kenzai knowledge and newfound strength to achieve it! I know we aren't meant to worry too much about what the scales say but I started the program with a huge goal - to lose 20 kg. I intend on seeing that goal out! I know I can do it--Kenzai has shown me that!

    Simone S.

  • What did I learn from all this? I have a newfound respect for the way my body works and how it interacts with food and exercise. I have all the information I need to make smart choices and live healthier, and the proof to back it up. I know Liquorice Allsorts are not food. I no longer have any excuses whatsoever to f*ck up and let myself go. And most importantly my surfing has improved massively!! So there you have it.

    Sam P.

  • Ninety days later, I feel like a different woman: fit, strong, clear-headed, fewer migraines, zero nausea, alert, up-for-anything, happy, and proud of myself. I can do my ranch work with strength, enthusiasm, and joy. I can chase my grandson, play with my dogs, ride my horse for hours, do heavy-ish lifting, spend time EVERY day exercising with my husband--heck, the other day I felt so good I jogged (and we have already bought mountain bikes)!! The BIGGEST beneficiary of my Kenzai body, mind, and spirit, however, is my family--they get ME back, better than ever: boundless (and they will say annoying) energy; encouraging (they will say nagging) everyone to exercise; suggesting (they will say being overbearing) that everyone eat healthily and watch portions. This is not just a Kenzai body--this is a Kenzai family going forward. Watch out!

    Virginia T.

  • Kenzai has been such a game changer in my mental and physical health! I feel so great overall, although there were some rough patches, tiredness, aggression and impatience.

    It has been such a great ride with all of you!! I have learnt so much from the lessons and training that I can take with me for the rest of my life. I feel my life has been renewed, like a new lease on life!! Going to leave you with one last quote… "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra!" Jimmy Johnson

    Bobby C.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience; the lessons, the training, the diet - Kenzai genuinely put me back on the path to a healthier lifestyle. The biggest thing for me was realising that it is possible to fit in some exercise at what previously felt an obscure time of day. The most interesting thing is that I found myself avoiding illness where everyone around me was under the weather.

    I am a Kenzai convert - and now that I've been recommending it to all and sundry...I think I've already got a few people interested in the January programme - where do I claim my sales commissions! All the best team Kenzai - thanks for the journey.

    Bruce F.

  • Kenzai Body has proven to be everything I expected and more. I am so grateful for the community of support from trainers and fellow team members. I have a new appreciation for fruits and veggies and while my sweet tooth still rears its ugly head, I know I can suppress it. I have a better understanding now of how much my mind plays tricks with me in my cravings.

    None of my indulgences were as mind-blowing as I had built them up to be in my head and I felt sick after most of the meals.

    Kim B.

  • Firstly, I need to thank Kenzai. To make anything a success you need to have a good idea, with good processes and good people. Patrick had a great idea.

    This programme has reminded me of a number of things we already knew. The obvious ones are to eat healthy food and ensure you exercise on a regular basis but it also showed me that a group of strangers, from all over the world, can work together to achieve some amazing results.

    As I have aged I have become more cynical and less trusting and amazingly Kenzai has made me question so much more than my lifestyle because it has effectively taken me back to my childhood when I ate fresh veg every day, exercised every day and was more trusting.

    Adrian K.

  • I was going to write something long and deep about the past 90 days. But you all know what it was about. I could write a book about what Kenzai is but you won't really understand it until you experience it for yourself, day in and day out.

    Kenzai. You work out for an hour or two a day and eat healthy. Can we do it? Yes, anyone can. Is it easy? No. It was hard. It was the hardest simple thing I have ever done in my life. But I did it.

    Naoko P.

  • This has changed my life so much. Food is sooo different now to me, found a cardio I can do and I like to do. Nothing fits me! Nothing, I had to get all new everything. I went to the store and I bought M size shorts! M size, in JAPAN! I made it to 13.8% body fat from around 19~20 ish not sure, don't remember. My weight went from 98~100 kg / 216 ~ 220 lbs to 85.6 kg / 188.7 lbs ! That is a LOSS of 14.4 KG ~ 12.4 kg / 31.7 lbs ~ 27.3 lbs !!! I didn't have this waist size even in high school!

    My shorts that I have been able to wear for 15 years! Took some final pictures in them… now I have to roll the waist for them to just stay up.Where do I go from here? I have found that I like to set a challenge. I am going to join an M.M.A. school and I want to do an armature fight next year. It was a great time, so great!

    Shaun W.

  • Ups and downs the whole way. I challenged myself. I made a few mistakes but I kept going. This has been the most life-changing experience (apart from having my baby) and rewarding all at the same time. My outlook on life, my body, my health and my family has completely changed!

    I am so blessed to have been a part of this program, to have shared this with good friends and to have done this with my husband, Roger. Being there to support one another kept me focused and determined and for that I thank you, Roger. You believed in me and look at us now!

    Thank you Kenzai, this was a gift. I see light. I am blessed. PEACE!

    Kate S.

How it works

Science-based wellness programs with you at the center.


Our nutrition team works with you to design custom meal plans every week. We focus on eating real food, no fad diets or factory-made supplements.


We create daily workouts that can be done anywhere, no gym required. Our workouts are tough, efficient, and designed to get results.


Expertly written daily lessons give you the knowledge and tools to take care of your body now and for life. Our goal is that on the last day of your program, you fire us.


At Kenzai, no one trains alone. Every member has a dedicated trainer and works alongside peers from around the world. Teamwork equals success.

Real Food

Truly healthy people aren’t skipping meals or drinking factory-made concoctions to lose weight. They’re eating a lot of the right things: vegetables, fruit, complex carbs, and proteins. Also known as real food. 

At Kenzai we don’t use templates or algorithms to generate meal plans. Our nutrition team designs a diet plan specifically for you, not just once, but every single week of your program. We build the nutrition plan around your needs, taking into account any food preferences, allergies, or lifestyle factors that affect your eating.

As your body changes, we adjust your diet to get you the best possible results.

Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated.

We design our diets based around macronutrient groups: carbs, vegetables, protein and fruit.

We provide you with the ideal portion size for every meal and snack. For example, your lunch might be 100 grams of carbs, 140 grams of vegetables, and 80 grams of protein. You choose how to fill out those grams.

This means you can eat the foods you like in the amounts your body needs. Along the way, we’ll teach you about the science of optimizing your nutrition to reach your fitness goals.

View our ever-expanding recipe section.


Real Exercise

Our goal is to not only make you lean, but strong. This means consistent daily workouts that burn fat and build muscle at a sustainable rate. We’re strictly minimalist in our approach to workouts. You’ll be using nothing more than a jumprope, a resistance band, and your own body weight. This is real exercise.

We have over 500 movements in our exercise library. If you have an old injury or aren't feeling like a particular exercise is effective, our expert trainers will offer tips, alternatives, and consultation at any time. The exercises can be done at home, in an office, in the park, or anywhere with enough room to swing a jump rope.

Custom workouts on-demand.

You’ll receive a new workout every day of your program. This lets you safely ramp up the difficulty of the exercises so that you’re never overwhelmed or at risk of injury. If an exercise isn’t working for you, your trainer will provide tips and substitutions.

No gym needed!

Try a sample workout now.


A  Global Community

When you join a Kenzai program, you’re matched with a trainer and a small team of fellow trainees from around the world. Our trainers will educate and motivate you to bring your best to the table. You’ll log your progress on your training blog and post weekly photos to keep you honest.

 A worldwide support network. 

With Kenzai you’ll have several layers of community support. You’ll be placed into a small group of 10-14 people. This team will start on the same day.

Your dedicated trainer guides you and your group through the program.

Through your blogs, photos, and comments you get to know each other and become a true team.

The larger Kenzai community of alumni and trainers provide additional backup and encouragement. 

View trainees in action on the live-stream.

Entry Programs


Our flagship program gets you lean, strong and focused with 90 days of no-nonsense body-weight workouts and customized nutrition plans.


Run smarter, not harder. We build your runner’s body from the ground up with our innovative mix of nutrition, strength-training, and running technique.

Member Programs

Strength Image.jpg


Kenzai strength programs are designed to help you break plateaus and build muscle safely and sustainably.


Kenzai conditioning programs combine the best of gymnastics, yoga, ballet and martial arts to unlock new potential.


Members take their running to the next level by learning good form, breathing techniques, cross-training and nutrition.


Boost speed, strength and agility with specialized workouts and diets designed for performance.

Why is Kenzai so effective?

We offer the support, accountability, and motivation you can only get from working with real people. You’ll train with confidence and trust in a program that’s gotten amazing results for thousands of members over the years.

Is Kenzai right for you?

Kenzai is for everyone who wants to unlock new potential. No matter your starting point, we’ll meet you there--and take you to the next level. We meld all of the elements of effective training and nutrition into a unique, flexible program design that fits into your busy lifestyle. We respect your intelligence and time, because training should enrich your life, not take it over.

Why become a member?

Whatever your goals, we’ve got you covered, year-round. From strength and stamina to endurance or conditioning, Kenzai programs give you the tools to live more fully in your body, and the knowledge to cut through the fog of the modern fitness industry. We empower you to achieve--and maintain--amazing results, indefinitely.

How much does it cost?

We have several different membership pricing tiers to meet your needs. Speak with a membership advisor to learn more.



  • 93%


    Our business model relies on transparency and honesty. That’s why we’re proud to say that 93% of our trainees complete the programs they start.

    18 lbs


    Kenzai focuses on burning fat and building muscle in a safe, sustainable way. Heavy trainees lose up to 50lbs, while trainees who need to add muscle might actually gain weight. We customize our programs to your body’s needs.



    We designed Kenzai to be the last program you’ll ever need. 90 days from now we hope you fire us because you’ll know everything you need to stay fit and healthy for life.



    We’re a truly global program that goes everywhere you do and gets results for the busiest of people. No gym or special equipment required.

  • 87%


    At Kenzai we strip away the gimmicks and excuses that make staying in shape so hard. You learn to workout smarter, not harder and follow a common-sense approach to nutrition that works in the real world.



    Kenzai delivers results and is a life-changing experience. No wonder almost all our alumni would recommend Kenzai to their friends. It's the best endorsement we can ever get.



    Our goal at Kenzai is to give you a new body and mindset that opens up a new world of adventure. Many of our graduates go on to try activities from running to surfing to mixed martial arts.



    A program that asks you to make unrealistic changes is not sustainable. Many of the things you’ll learn on Kenzai become habits that integrate seamlessly into your life long after the program ends.

  • 10-12


    Keeping our training groups small ensures that everyone knows each other on a first-name basis, and that trainers are able to provide every member with the individual attention they need to be successful.



    Read a new lesson every day on the program. You’ll learn the basics of nutrition and exercise, while unlocking fitness pro tips and life-hacks along the way.



    We are a selective training program prioritizing quality of service over quantity of sign-ups. Limiting our training numbers allows us to better support our members, and deliver the best possible experience to every trainee.



    Kenzai is a serious program when you’re ready to make a real change. If you sign up and find it’s not what you’re looking for, take advantage of our 14-day money back guarantee.