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Kenzai is a membership-based community focused on elite training, customized nutrition, and scientific inquiry.

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What is Kenzai?

Kenzai is the best way to train online. We combine smart training with the power of real people.

Do I have to sign up for membership?

Non-members are allowed access to one Kenzai entry program with purchase. The rest of our programs are reserved for members only.

Will I be on a diet?

Yes. Our nutrition team makes a diet for you every week. We focus on eating real food - no fad diets or supplements.

How will I train?

You do a workout every day, no gym needed. Our workouts are tough, efficient and designed to get results.

Entry Programs


Our flagship program gets you lean, strong and focused with 90 days of no-nonsense body-weight workouts and customized nutrition plans.


Run smarter, not harder. We build your runner’s body from the ground up with our innovative mix of nutrition, strength-training, and running technique.

Member Programs

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Kenzai strength programs are designed to help you break plateaus and build muscle safely and sustainably.


Kenzai conditioning programs combine the best of gymnastics, yoga, ballet and martial arts to unlock new potential.


Members take their running to the next level by learning good form, breathing techniques, cross-training and nutrition.


Boost speed, strength and agility with specialized workouts and diets designed for performance.

Benefits of Membership

  • Year-round access to Kenzai programs. Work with our trainers and nutritionists through any of our structured training courses.
  • Kick off your membership with either our 56-day Kenzai Run or 90-day Kenzai Body entry program.
  • Get access to advanced program tracks focusing on conditioning, strength, running and sports training.
  • Stay on track between programs with maintenance diets, fresh workouts, and a variety of skill courses.
  • Get year-round advice and support from your trainer and nutritionist.
  • Stay connected with your friends on the Kenzai platform. Our strong community keeps you focused and accountable through the ups and downs of the year.