The 25 questions we're asked most often.

What's the difference between Kenzai Body and Kenzai Run?

We have two entry programs- Kenzai Body and Kenzai Run. These two programs are your entry point into the Kenzai community and constellation of advanced programs that are open to Kenzai members. 

Kenzai Body is a 90-day program focused on improving your physique. The diet and exercises are designed to mobilize body fat and build strong, well defined muscles. This program is about general fitness and getting you into peak condition.

Kenzai Run is a 56-day program designed to make you a better runner at the 10k distance and beyond. The diet and exercise are structured around your needs as a runner; getting the right nutrition to fuel your runs and building your legs and core for better performance. Kenzai Run will train your body and mind to run like a pro. 

Both programs are appropriate for beginners as well as more experienced athletes. Both programs ramp up from an easy level to get you in great shape quickly and safely.

When does the next Kenzai Body or Kenzai Run start?

There's usually a program starting the first Monday of the month. Check the training page for launch dates.

How do I sign up for Kenzai Body or Kenzai Run?

You can sign up by creating a free Kenzai account here. Once you’re logged in and in the system, you can choose your program start date and sign up.


Do you have an app?

Yes! We released a "beta" version of our app in mid 2016. Download it now from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, it's pretty neat! The app streamlines the workout process to help you get the most out of your exercises. You can also read your daily lessons and have easy access to essential Kenzai features.

As with our fitness, we're working towards continual improvement. We welcome feedback as we continue to build out the app.

There are certain things I can't eat.
Is your diet able to accommodate this? Can vegetarians and vegans join?

Yes! Our programs focus on eating real food in balanced quantities. No one food is a make-or-break item. Before your program starts you’ll be asked about any allergies, intolerances, or personal preferences you have for your food. If you’re vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, allergic to certain meats, fruits or nuts, or have any other foods you need to avoid we’ll revise the diet to fit your needs.

I'm currently breastfeeding. Can I join a program?

We ask that new moms wait 3-6 months after giving birth to join the program. Breastfeeding is no problem, we'll adjust your diet to account for the extra energy you’re expending. 

How do you determine the diets?

We construct your initial diet based on your height, weight, and your body-type (which we can determine from the body photos you submit with your application). From there we watch your progress through your blog and weekly photo updates and adjust the diet accordingly. The diet changes every week in response to the training and your body changes. And if something isn’t working, your trainer is just an instant message away.

What equipment do I need?

We stress the importance of using minimal materials to get in shape. All the gear you’ll need to complete the exercises is the following:

  • a jumprope
  • push-up bars
  • a resistance band or set of resistance bands

I'm naturally thin and not looking to lose weight.
Is this program appropriate for me?

Yes. Our job is to get you fit and strong. If that means putting weight on a client, then that’s just what we’ll do. Because we don’t use heavy weights, don’t sign up as a slim person expecting to come out with bulging muscles. You’ll look toned and fit, not bulky. If you’re of slim build and looking to put on a lot of muscle, then Kenzai programs aren’t a good match for you.

I have an old injury or pre-existing condition that precludes me from doing certain exercises.
Can other exercises be substituted?

Yes. We can work around most injuries and conditions with substitute exercises. You’ll need to communicate your concerns with your trainer at the beginning of your program and keep us updated throughout about what’s working and what needs tweaking.

Will this program make me bulky? I don't want to get large bulging muscles.

No, you won’t get bulky. If you’re looking for a healthy toned look then our programs are a good match for you. Because we only work with resistance bands and body-weight exercises, your body will take on the balanced harmonious look of an athlete, not a bodybuilder. Increasing your muscle mass is a long and slow process. Don’t worry, you won’t wake up one day after doing some push-ups and find bulging muscles in the mirror. We wish it was that easy to put on muscle!

I've never really done serious training before.
Can a beginner handle Kenzai programs?

Yes. We don’t assume any prior experience with fitness for our clients. For our starter programs, the exercise and diets ramp up slowly. In fact, we usually get the best results with inexperienced trainees because they come to the program with a physical and mental blank slate. This means we can teach you the correct way to do things from the start and get you off to a great start in your training life.

How much time will I need daily?
How long do the workouts take?
How much time will I need to prepare food?

The workouts never take more than an hour, and take much less at first. You’ll also need 30-60 minutes for food preparation. Finally, you’ll need to make some time to interact with your trainer, group members, and to blog. All in all, you should allow for an extra two hours a day. Be realistic about this. These two hours won’t appear from thin air. You’ll need to rearrange your schedule to accommodate your training. It’s a pain, we know, but the reward is stellar self-confidence and a great body.

Can I join with coworkers, friends, or family?

Yes. In fact, sticking to your program is much easier if you’ve got people doing it alongside you. If you know someone else on the program, you’ll be able to follow them and share the adventure together. If you want to join with a large group of 8 or more, let us know beforehand so we can plan accordingly.

Can I use a fake name or a pseudonym?

Clearly we can’t stop you from telling us your name is something it isn’t, but we really don’t recommend it. Those who have tried it in the past have gotten very frustrated being called the wrong name, and usually ask us to switch to their real name halfway through. Kenzai programs are very personal journeys which you need to make with your real name. In the worst cases we’ve had trainees who used pseudonyms tell us that they almost felt they had a split personality, the fit healthy person they were on their blog, and the unfit lazy person they felt like in real life. This is a bad place to be mentally and an unnecessary distraction during your training time. Use your real name. Own your fitness!

And keep in mind that anytime your name appears on Kenzai, it will always be your first name and last initial only. So Jane Smith would always be Jane S. 

Do I have to put my face and photos on the internet?
Can I do a private program or just have my blog visible to others within the group?

When you write on your Kenzai blog, you always have the option to make the post open to the public, or only viewable by the Kenzai community. The same goes for your photos. Being a visible part of the community is an important part of the Kenzai experience, so we don't allow anyone to go through their program completely "in the dark." You have to at least share with the Kenzai community! This accountability is what gets results.

I'm going out of town on business or on vacation during my training time.
Will I be able to keep doing the program while on the road?

Yes, absolutely. All the equipment you’ll need will fit in a carry-on bag and you’ll have access to your Kenzai dashboard and website from anywhere you can get a web connection. If you’re going off the grid for a while we can work with you to get the information you’ll need ahead of time so that you don’t miss a day.

I do other sports and physical activities.
Can I keep doing these while I do Kenzai training?

Yes, this is possible. At the start of a program, the workouts aren’t particularly long or taxing, which will leave you time and energy for your other physical pursuits. However, most trainees find that as the workouts become more intense they scale back their other activities to focus on their program. Our hope is that you use your Kenzai training time to build a solid bedrock of fitness, and then go back to your favorite sports or activities stronger and more skilled than ever.

Do I need to belong to a gym?

Absolutely not. Kenzai workouts are designed to be done in the living room, in a hotel room, in an airport waiting area, or outdoors. If you like going to the gym it’s fine, but we’d like to empower you to never need a gym again!

I'm training for a big event, (marathon, triathlon, sports competition, martial arts match, etc...) can you help me get ready for it?

Our job is to get you lean, fit, and strong. We can’t offer any targeted training for a specialized event. We advise doing a Kenzai course well before or well after a big physical challenge. Our program is intense enough that trying to do a major physical challenge on top of it will severely tax the body and end in poorer results. The exception to this is the Kenzai Run program, which will leave you in a great spot to run a 5 or 10k race immediately after the program, because the program itself is your pre-race training!

I'm pretty overweight. Can I handle this program?

If you’re more than 45 kg (100 pounds) overweight, contact us and we’ll figure out what the best training option is for you.

Do people rebound or gain back the weight they lost?

No. We’re very proud that Kenzai graduates don’t backslide once their program is over. Most gain a bit of weight back, which is what we encourage when you’re coming off peak condition, but no one has reported that they go back to their original pre-program weight. This is because over the course of your training we’ll totally change how you look at food and fitness. We’ll form new healthy habits and teach you how to approach rich and fattening foods. These lessons will never leave you. Once you finish a Kenzai program, even if you’re having an indulgent food, you’ll know you’re having it, how it’s affecting your body, and what to do to offset it. In addition, with Kenzai Life you have a year-round structure to continue your fitness pursuits inbetween more formal Kenzai programs.

Why do I have to do Kenzai Body or Kenzai Run first?

Kenzai Body and Kenzai Run are our version of “Fitness 101”. During these introductory courses you’ll learn the fundamentals of eating and exercising, and get your body fat and muscle mass levels to a good starting point for sustained wellness. Until you learn these basics, there’s little purpose in pursuing more advanced training. That would be a bit like trying to play a complicated piece of music before you’ve learned how to tune your instrument.

Can I start on a day of my choosing?

Yes and no. We have set start dates, usually the first Monday of the month. You'll launch with a group of people from all over the world. You’ll form teams and support each other through the ups and downs of training. So although you can’t choose your exact date a program is always starting soon! See the training page for launch dates.

What does Kenzai mean?

Kenzai is a Japanese word that literally translates to "sustained wellness" or "vitality". Our business began in Japan and we strive to keep the Japanese principles of harmony, order, and mindfulness in everything we do. 


What is Kenzai Membership?

We're glad you asked! Please see our Membership FAQ page (Coming Soon). 

Question not answered here?

If you have additional questions or need more detail about any of the questions above, don't hesitate to contact us!